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I am a Certified Hypnotherapist.

Hypnosis is a wonderful tool to explore your subconscious and reveal, change or eliminate unwanted behaviors and limiting beliefs.Guided visualization allows you to harmonize your conscious and unconscious awareness. It is akin to dreaming while awake. Together we can explore the symbols and archetypes your mind uses to make sense of the world around you.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety
Release Weight
Stop Smoking
Past Life Regression
Find Your Spirit Animal

Typical sessions run 45minute to an hour and cost $60.00

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Tarot Readings


I have been reading, studying and teaching Tarot since 1994. Using The Ancient Egyptian Tarot and The Isis Oracle, I bring my knowledge of The Tree of Life to my interpretation of the cards.The Querant is recognized as Co-Creatrix(tor) of their Reality. Readings are meant to reveal options and empower personal choice.

Reading are $2.00 a minute.

15 minutes is usually an adequate length of time.

I take both cash and credit cards.

Call or Message for an Appointment.


Create Your Best Year Yet!

Join Charity for this group hypnosis session where we will set an achievable goal into your coming year. Hypnosis is a great way to harmonize both your conscious and unconscious minds to work together to achieve your goals. Many times, we set goals that we have resistance to and unwittingly sabotage ourselves. This leaves us feeling defeated and frustrated.

Clarifying and stating our goals in a way that is congruent with our consciousness at a core level opens doors and opportunities that we would have never thought possible.

Bring one of your goals for the coming year with you and we will set you up to succeed.

Class is $30.00


Meditation Circle


We are all looking for a way to deal with the stress of daily life. Meditation is a great tool to not only exist but to thrive in whatever environment you find yourself. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or wrestle with existential angst, my hope is that participants will take what they learn and create a mindful and compassionate space for themselves.

This monthly class is designed to explore different forms of meditation.


See Events for Times


Words of Power


Words are powerful. They shape and alter our perception and thus reality.

These classes are meant to explore and experience why and how Holy Scripture, Sacred Mantras, Song and Poetry give weight to intentional work.

Each class will focus on Words of Power in different traditions.


See Events for Times


Tarot Intensive: Beginner


Learn the basics of Tarot in this two hour intensive: Major and Minor Arcana, Suits, Court Cards and Spreads. Usually taught as a series of classes, it can be difficult to fit this into your busy schedule. You will have a lifetime to perfect and fully integrate the information shared.

Class is $30.00

See Events for Times


Tarot Intensive: Intermediate

This class will discuss the connection between the Tree of Life and the Tarot. A firm understanding of Tarot is suggested. It will serve as an introduction to the Hermetic template of the Tree of Life. We will explore the Pillars, Worlds, Spheres, Paths and Divine Names. We will also discuss the many ways the Tree of Life can be used in your spiritual practice.

Class is $40.00

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Living Tarot: Embodying The Tree of Life


Don’t just read the cards be the cards. Build your inner tree in this advanced Tarot class. We will explore the Qaballahlistic associations with the Tarot and use it to develop our self awareness.

This class will be a mix of lecture and practical application. We will use oils, herbs, vocal, visual and vibrational techniques to put us in sympathy with the Spheres, Paths and Energies along the way.

A firm foundation in Tarot is recommended for this course.

This is an ongoing series come join wherever we are on the Tree.


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Strengthen your relationship with your intuition.

Learn how to choose a pendulum or recognize when it chooses you.

We will clean or clear your pendulum.

We will discuss techniques to nurture a strong connection with your new tool.

We will explore uses for and other forms of dowsing.

You will learn to use and create charts to increase the specificity and accuracy of your readings.

Best of all, you will connect with other dowsers.


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Usui / Tibetan Reiki

Treatment and Attunement

Reiki is a Japanese Energy Healing Technique that was founded in the 1920s by Mikao Usui. Reiki practitioners are trained by a teacher through a series of attunements that allow them to focus and direct Universal Life Force Energy. Clients are often left with a deep sense of love and well being. This laying on of hands technique is excellent for stress reduction, relaxation and spiritual renewal.

Treatments are $60.00 and last one hour.


1st degree $100

2nd degree $200

3rd degree/ Master Teacher $300

Call or Message to make an Appointment


Tea Time


I am a self proclaimed tea missionary and connoisseur. In this class I happily share the good news of tea with you.

Learn to tell a tea from a tisane, an Oolong from a Puerh. Brew the perfect cup of tea and learn many of the benefits of tea drinking. We will be tasting a selection of teas.


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More Details to come.





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