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For over 15 years, Charity Pilkinton has been my most trusted spiritual advisor. I believe I am among her longest-running, most loyal customers—I have used and been thrilled with every single one of her services. She began as my Reiki Master-Teacher, channeling all four of my Reiki attunements. She welcomed me into ministry with the Universal Life Church. She coached me as I took my first steps into professional tarot reading and spiritual counseling. Later, she provided pre-marital counseling to me and my husband-to-be, and officiated at our handfasting ceremony. She helped me break my decade-long, pack-and-a-half-a-day smoking habit with her intuitive coaching and hypnosis sessions. Through tarot readings, classes, and spiritual counseling sessions, Charity has literally touched every major facet of my life, from the most joyous to the most painful, skillfully guiding me back to my inner knowing, helping me to face my biggest challenges with grace and gratitude. When I turn to Charity for spiritual counseling, I’m always humbled and blessed by the depth of her wisdom, compassion, integrity, and groundedness. She has inspired me in more ways than I can name, and it goes without saying that I absolutely recommend her services in every area, without hesitation.

– Kyndyll Lackey


I have known Charity over 15 years. She was the first person to ever read my Tarot cards – long before I started reading them myself. Her knowledge and deep understanding on the many topics she is passionate about is astounding. As a practitioner, she is perhaps one of the most ethical you could ever hope to find. If she finds she cannot help you with your particular situation, she tells you so upfront and, through her many connections over the years, almost always has a trusted referral.

– Greg White


In 1997, Charity and I began working side by side in a local spiritual study group looking in-depth at many topics from Judeo-Christian mysticism to Goddess studies to Shamanic practices. Her ability to take a body of knowledge, absorb it and apply it to her life and in her work with others is second to none. Charity walks in integrity and holds others to the same standard. It was only natural that I chose her to serve as my Reiki teacher when deciding to receive all three attunements. The experience she provided me, the knowledge, was beyond expectation. Thanks to the attunements I received from her, my Reiki journey began over 15 years ago and I have used this form of healing regularly since that time. in 2016, as I embarked on a new journey with a new business, I found myself needing guidance. Though I do not often rely on readers for advice, choosing to seek within, I turned to her and once again remembered how connected she is to Source and received a spot on tarot reading from a true expert that informed my decisions. She is both a pragmatic and a mystic – which combined make her an excellent advisor and teacher.

-Dana Croy


I have had a card reading from Charity and she is very easy to talk to and down to earth. She has a lot of knowledge and is always helpful when asking all sorts of questions about tea and spirituality. I would recommend her for a reading any time!

– Jerry Hunsinger


I have had a Tarot reading and Hypnosis session with Charity. I have to say that both met and went beyond my expectations. The Tarot reading was given with a willingness to interpret the cards in a way that I would understand them and if I had questions we worked through them. The Hypnosis session was a past-life regression and I was able to receive three different memories of past lives. The knowledge and compassion shown by Charity is what makes her stand out from the rest, for me. I would recommend her again and again.

-Levi Thomas


I have known Charity for some time now, as a friend, and recently went to a meditation circle led by her, it was enlightening and she was as friendly, warm, and welcoming as I’ve always known her to be.

I Highly recommend any services from such an amazing person and friend!

– Jojo Lorentson

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