Meditation Circle


We are all looking for a way to deal with the stress of daily life. Meditation is a great tool to not only exist but to thrive in whatever environment you find yourself. Whether you suffer from depression, anxiety or wrestle with existential angst, my hope is that participants will take what they learn and create a mindful and compassionate space for themselves.

This monthly class is designed to explore different forms of meditation.


Living Tarot: Embodying The Tree of Life


Our Lady of the Everything by Dan Hillier

Don’t just read the cards be the cards. Build your inner tree in this advanced Tarot class. We will explore the Qaballahlistic associations with the Tarot and use it to develop our self awareness.

This class will be a mix of lecture and practical application. We will use oils, herbs, vocal, visual and vibrational techniques to put us in sympathy with the Spheres, Paths and Energies along the way.

A firm foundation in Tarot is recommended for this course.

This is an ongoing series come join wherever we are on the Tree.




More Details to come.


Tea Time


I am a self proclaimed tea missionary and connoisseur. In this class I happily share the good news of tea with you.

Learn to tell a tea from a tisane, an Oolong from a Puerh. Brew the perfect cup of tea and learn many of the benefits of tea drinking. We will be tasting a selection of teas.




Strengthen your relationship with your intuition.

Learn how to choose a pendulum or recognize when it chooses you.

We will clean or clear your pendulum.

We will discuss techniques to nurture a strong connection with your new tool.

We will explore uses for and other forms of dowsing.

You will learn to use and create charts to increase the specificity and accuracy of your readings.

Best of all, you will connect with other dowsers.