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Charity, a.k.a. “Sister Charity”

I call myself a “mystical humanist.” I walk the line between the scientific proof, reason, and logic; and the unknown, mysterious, and mystical. I am comfortable with ambiguity because we’re all in it, whether we like it or not. No one has all the answers, and if they claim to, I have found it best to run the other way. My personal motto is “Know Thyself.”

As I have come to believe, the Divine is the archetypal parts of ourselves. It is not some conscious being “out there;” rather it is an expression of ourselves.

“Magick” as we know and practice it is a metaphor, a microcosm of the Universe. It is the direction of intent and the movement of energy.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist and Reiki Master Teacher.

As we are a web, not a ladder or pyramid, I believe in learning and teaching in The Circle and reject hierarchical structures. This is especially true in spiritual matters, and why I don’t profess to have “the answers,” but prefer to help you discover (and be true to) your own. Thus, I teach classes at Aroma G’s Botanica in Nashville on topics such as dream interpretation, tea, dowsing, tarot, and Qabbalah.

I’m an INFJ exploring the vastness of human consciousness. I’m a Victorian at heart and a bookish, librarian wannabe. I love knitting and crafting, pomegranates and honey bees, Neil Gaiman and Joseph Campbell.

Formerly a manager of the beloved Magical Journey, I have a broad background in metaphysics, including tarot, astrology, meditation, and chant work.


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