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Adventures in Yoni Steaming

Adventures in Yoni Steaming



Have you heard of Yoni Steaming? I was shocked that I had not and thought my Earth Mama card would be revoked due to not knowing anything about it. Several customers came into the store bringing recipes to be blended for their steams. This was happening so frequently that having a blend on hand became necessary.

Based on my knowledge of herbs, I created a 13 herb blend for ladies who do not have specific herbs in mind. I have to admit that half the fun was brainstorming a name. We wanted a spiritual, honoring name with a little cheek. Some of the names that friends gave us were Her Vajesty and The Vajaycial. In the end, “Sacred Space” works on several levels.

Sacred Space Steam



My recipe contains all organic herbs that address a range of feminine concerns: dryness,  yeast infections, hemorrhoids, painful, sluggish or irregular periods. Always thoroughly research any herbs you use and always exercise caution if you are or think you might be pregnant. This is a natural and female affirming alternative to douching which wreaks havoc on the natural balance of the yoni. This blend of herbs is not only is beautiful to the eye but smells terrific and just wait until you add it to the boiling water.

Blessed Thistle




Marshmallow Root



Raspberry Leaf






For a large pot steam: 1 oz of the herbal mixture to 8 cups boiling purified water. Let herbs steep and cool for 15 mins.

I am convinced that an oz of herbs could produce 3 smaller and effective steams, so play with the ratios and find what works best for you.

Place your pot under your Yoni Steaming Stool, sit on the stool and wrap yourself in a warm blanket. Take 20-30 mins, no distractions, not texting on your cell phone. Maybe light a candle and put on relaxing music. I enjoy sitting in the dark with a single candle burning, in silence. Afterward, be sure and take time to lie down, rest and relax.


The steam gently warms the Yoni and allows the delicate tissues to absorb the volatile oils of the herbs. I think that a sitz bath made from this concoction would strengthen the benefit. Why not start with the steam and then as the liquid cools move to a sitz bath?

Now, I just had to try it. right? I have asked a couple of ladies to test this product along with me to ensure a good experience and product quality. I did not want to invest in a stool at this time. I also knew that I was not going to be squatting on bricks for half an hour either so I rigged my toilet to do this.

I enjoyed the Sacred Space Steam immensely! Many years ago, I taught a class series on the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. It revolved around the Life Stages of a woman and honoring those Rites of Passage as they come to us. This practice would have been a perfect home exercise for that series. For many reasons women experience discomfort surrounding the idea of looking at, getting to know and honoring their Wombhood. This gentle practice is a great way to start healing.

I say, why not give it a shot? Your lady will thank you and if nothing else you and your friends can bond over the experience of honoring your Divine Femininity!

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