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The Kingdom of Heaven

The Kingdom of Heaven

“The Kingdom of Heaven is inside you and all around you, not in buildings of wood and stone. Split a piece of wood and I am there, lift a stone and you will find me.”

-Gospel of Thomas

I have for many years given lip service to the concept of non-duality and the balance held in the tension of opposites. However, I think that I have come to a new depth of understanding. The awareness is subtle and difficult to articulate, but I will try.

To some extent, I continued to externalize it. Watching reality pass me by through my own eyes like an RPG simulation. The Observer, yes… The Sacred Witness, yes but needing to truly see myself as not half of a duality but whole in and of myself, complete, containing the synthesis of all opposites. I have reworked altars and rewritten journal entries from this perspective in an attempt to reorient myself and make room for the changes that come from a paradigm shift. Simply said I am still marinating in this and am not quite sure where it will lead me.

Philosophically the structure that I have used for 20+ years has been The Tree of Life and by proxy the Tarot. Like a memory palace, as I studied new subjects and had new experiences I found a place to store them and fit them into my model of the world and how it works. For some time, I have begun to find my first love a bit inadequate to describe the nuance of many gender realities: same-sex relationships, non-cisgender identities, and sexual orientations etc. I sense the theme of Unity within its structure but it is hinted at and alluded to like an esoteric truth not meant for general consumption. Just beyond the veil, so close, yet so far away.

Maybe this is just a symptom of living in the third dimension, maybe it is a clarion call to a more expansive understanding and framework for how we talk about such things. Changes are occurring in language and in the discussions we are having as a society. That is how it begins, find ways to name and frame concepts and create a space for understanding. I admit that although I see the need for restructuring, I am at a loss as to how it might be accomplished. The templates that we have today are the culmination of thousands of years of humanity’s philosophy. What do you keep? What do you toss? Who is to be the judge of these choices?

I think the pendulum is swinging to the center and the power and control dynamic that has been in place for so long is changing. Those in power thought to be beyond reproach are toppling one by one. And yes there is a backlash but I see it as a vaccination shot, a moment of clarity for many motivating them to do the work to create their vision for the world. And the ailing power structure gasping and fighting for every breath like a dinosaur caught in a tar pit, seeing its blazing destruction hurtling ever closer.

The Wisdom teachings of all paths tell us that what we are searching for is within. And the experience of that truth can not help but ripple out to society at large. Let us hope that our struggles serve a larger truth beyond Black and White, Right and Wrong and help us to create the Union and Peace so many of us are consciously working toward every day.





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