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Red Robe Tea, a Little Taste of the Divine.

Red Robe Tea, a Little Taste of the Divine.

You will have to forgive me geeking out a little bit over a new tea I am trying.

Legend has it that in the ancient Wuyi province of China there were once 9 evil dragons that brought pestilence and destruction to the people living there. Finally, an Immortal Being LuYu came to rid the countryside of the dragons and restore order. As he slew the dragons one by one, their bodies formed a great mountain. This place is now known as The Nine Dragon’s Nest.

So that his deeds would be remembered, LuYu placed three tea bushes near the peak of this rocky black mountain. Their leaves seemed to radiate with a ruby light. The plants were so holy it was thought that they could not be touched by human hands and so monks trained monkeys to pick this most sacred tea.

It was renowned for its healing abilities and eventually made its way to the court of the Emperor himself. When the tea healed both the Emperor and the Empress of ailments that had been plaguing them, he sent a generous gift to the monks that cared for the tea plants. He sent a large red silk robe to cover the roots of the hallowed bushes to protect them from the frost of winter. And from that time to this it has been known as Da Hong Pao or Red Robe Tea.

Today, these plants are protected by armed guards and the tea picked from them sells at several thousand dollars an ounce, making it more valuable than gold. The Da Hong Pao that we enjoy has been propagated from cuttings of these ancient and revered plants. This Oolong has a prominent mineral flavor which thought to be taken from its rocky environment. You might also detect hints of dark rich honey and maybe even tobacco.


How can you resist such a compelling tale?! When I finally tried the tea I was surprised that it brewed most like a green with a brilliant clear yellow liquor. Delightful.

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