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Autumnal Equinox Blessing 2017

Autumnal Equinox Blessing 2017

Fruit 1897- Mucha

Blessing by Tony Brady

May you be blessed by the Warmth of the Sun.

May you be comforted by the Moon’s Light.

May you be inspired by the Twinkling Stars of Night.

May every day find you Rising with Gratitude.

And every night find you Falling into a Contented Sleep.

May Snow and Rain Fall Gently upon you.

May the Wind Guide you Safely Home.

May Water Refresh your Body and Spirit.

May you have Food to eat and Friends to accompany you on Life’s Way.

In Winter, may you have Fire to Keep you Warm, Cool Breezes to Comfort you in the Summer, A Bed in which you find Rest, Shelter over your head.

May you experience Joy in Nature from the Green Grass to the Blue Sky.

And Above, Below and to the Right and Left of you, the Numberless Array of Creatures with whom we share this Good Earth.

May the Works of Humanity lead you to Astonishment as you Marvel at the Inventions of Human Ingenuity, the Conquering of Disease, the Discoveries of Science.

May you find Inspiration in the Lives of the Greatest People Who Ever Lived.

May you be Comforted by the Example set by all those who have overcome Difficulty and Suffering.

May you have just a little Sorrow to help you understand the Pain of Others.

Just a little Shortage to remind you to express Gratitude for your Abundance.

Just a little Disappointment so you can offer Support to those whose lives are filled with Only a Little Light, maybe Only Your Light.

But may you never have so much trouble as will make you Bitter or Frustrated.

May Old Age come upon you Gently as the Crowning of Love filled days.

May Death only come to you when your Life’s Work is complete.

May you be Blessed All Your Days.

May your Memory of you be an Inspiration to All you have Known and Loved You.


I came upon this blessing while mediating with Insight Timer today. I chose gratitude meditations because I have always seen the autumnal equinox as natural time on the Wheel of the Year to focus my awareness on Thanksgiving. What a gem. I plan to incorporate this blessing into my Loving Kindness Meditation Practice.

This work speaks to the awe and splendor of Nature and our place in it. The glorious Web and the interconnectedness of all things. The sanctity of Life and the knowing that we all have the same basic and essential needs. One does not have to suffer for another to succeed. If we are all our sister’s keepers we, in turn, are kept.

May we all live and die in such graciousness.


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