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Malkuth Journey

Malkuth Journey

To close each session of my series Living Tarot there is a guided meditation. It brings together all the information we have discussed and integrates it in on both a conscious and unconscious level.


As we take three deep breaths we exhale and with each exhale we become more and more grounded. With each exhale we visualize strong, deep; roots going down, down, down, into the Earth. We feel centered and plugged in.

We have always wanted this sense of connection and Oneness. Now we know that it has always been there just below our conscious awareness.


This sense of unity begins to slowly differentiate itself. We can feel the presence of the planet Earth as if this living breathing being is aware of us. Surrounding us in the warm, comforting colors of citrine, olive, russet, and black. We can feel and hear the resonant vibrations of the Earth as she sings to us.


Here in this sacred place, we are acutely aware of the four elements and how each of them is present inside us.


Our bodies made of clay tethers us to this time and space. And like the Earth bursting forth with flowers in the Spring so we create and manifest reality.


Our blood in sympathy with water as it rushes through our veins like waves crashing on a shore.


Our breath passing in and out of our lungs shares its essence with the breeze that rustles the leaves in the trees.


Our spirit a spark of fire within us and as we gaze across the surface of the Earth we see thousands upon thousands of other sparks, just like ours twinkling on and inside the Earth. Beyond that to the Stars shining down on us from far, far away.


And now we become aware of the guardians of the Earth. The Archangels holding vigil at the four corners of the Earth


In our mind’s eye we turn to the East and there Gabriel stands bearing messages. x4


To the South, Michael stands sword aloft protecting all from harm. x4


To the West, Uriel stands offering us crystal clear insight into our hearts and minds.x4


To the North, Raphael stands bringing healing x4


And presiding over all Sandalphon Prince of Prayer carrying our aspirations to the Ain Soph Ur the Limitless Eternal Light.


And now we stand arms upraised, open to receive all the Divine Emanations.

We are a cup overflowing with joy.


In our joy, we find the Divine Names on our lips and we say…

Adonai Melek- Lord King x10

Adonai ha Aretz- Lord of the Earth x10

Jehezkel Malkuth-God Strengthens his Kingdom x10

Shekinah x10
We carry this Attitude of Joy and Oneness into our daily lives sensing an ever growing relationship with ourselves and All Our Relations.

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