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The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The High Priestess

The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The High Priestess

 Pixie Colman Smith- artist

II The High Priestess- Moon

She represents our soul, and our sense “Knowing”. She sits enthroned with Wisdom in her right hand. The Moon at her feet implies that her emotions do not rule her. She is Conscious of the Unconscious. She is the Ocean and the Moon that dances with it. She knows the Mystery of Nature and lives in perfect harmony with its cycles. The Veil behind her tells us that there is more to the Universe than we can grasp. But don’t let it stop you from trying.

The moon has eight distinct phases: New, Crescent, 1stQuarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, 3rd Quarter, and Balsamic. Each phase presides over aspects of the creation and evolutionary process. All energies before the Full Moon phase are considered waxing (strengthening, intensifying) and after the Full waning (weakening, lessening), much like the ebb and flow of the tide. Although men have cycles of waxing and waning, they are more evident in women experiencing their menstrual cycles. Thus, the strong connection of the Moon with women. When we are attuned to natural cycles we find ourselves partaking in this Dance. Our emotions are signposts of the changing of a phase or stage. Change is inevitable and is a natural part of the evolutionary cycle. If there were no change or movement there would be stagnation and Death.

Ruling Sign 


Cancer-I Feel

Cancer is always in flux, always changing with the Moon every two days as she moves into a new sign. Our emotions are the fuel that feeds our Will, Desire, Purpose. Instead of being consumed by our emotions, we can recognize them for what they are and make the necessary adjustments.

Ruling House

4th– Home and Family
The lesson is that family is not just clannish ties but that All Humanity and All Creation are our family. We know that if traced far enough we all are of the same blood. This gives us the opportunity to expand our understanding of what home and family are. Home is anywhere we find ourselves. This could be at work, in a foreign country on another planet, anywhere. When the World is our home, Humanity is our family and All we choose to create our Children.


The High Priestess is a conversation between Pluto, the Moon, the Sun, Neptune, the Aces, and the #6s
You will also find traces of the moon’s influence in other cards: The Chariot, The Moon and the #9s.
The sun represents pure awareness, our best, most balanced self.  The Sun is the center of our solar system and symbolizes our personal center. That place of stillness within. Here we see all things clearly without the baggage of our experience. Neptune- 
 King of the Ocean rules over the Collective Unconscious. He teaches us that we are all One. Each droplet of water is an individual until it meets another then they dissolve into one another and become one.With emotions under control, Wisdom to our right and Knowing to our left, we are now ready to embrace necessary change.

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