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The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The Magician

The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The Magician

 Pixie Colman Smith- artist

I The Magician- Mercury

The mage stands at the table of creation to channel the four elements. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth give structure to his intention. As Above so Below, where our minds are, our reality is. He has a clear strategy “In Mind”.  He holds the Magick Wand in his right hand to form his Will. Here is the place we come to when we are ready to live as conscious creators. So it is perfectly understandable why the Planet Mercury is associated with this card.


Mercury represents our Conscious Mind. This is the realm of communication, words, thoughts, and writing. Most of the time we are not aware of the most mundane of thoughts, just a laundry list of tasks running in a loop. A simple attempt of meditation will bring to our awareness the chaos and repetition that hides there. It is impossible to achieve anything when we cannot focus our mind on the task at hand. Quiet the chatter, rule your world.

Ruling Signs

Gemini– I Think
Gemini Spans the ages of 5 to 12. Are you thinking thoughts from this time in your life? Are there ways of being that you left behind? Reclaim the wonder. You could jump high, run fast, and were good at anything you put your mind to. The reality is that these things are still true. Your mind is simply scattered trying to multitask. Give your attention solely to the task at hand and see the difference. Be here now, in this moment.
Virgo– I Analyze
Virgo is like an efficiency expert. She comes in analyzes what is happening and creates a process by which things can be better achieved. She is enthralled by her tasks, in the moment and focused. There is no place she would rather be. She is performing her function and realizing her purpose.

Ruling Houses

When this card comes up in a reading how can you communicate your intention?  Journaling, meditation listen to those thoughts that come up. Speak aloud your hopes and dreams to those who support you.
In the past, this was the house of servants and slaves. Usually, it holds the title of Work and who likes that!!! So it is no wonder that many of us with “Day Jobs” find them tedious and oppressing. I cannot tell you the numbers of times I have heard people say “they are working us like slaves” or “I can’t wait for the weekend”. Nobody wants to be there. So we live at least 40 hours a week wishing we were somewhere else. Let’s not bring up any time we may be dreading going to work. What are the thoughts you have about work? These thoughts are a great barometer for the state of your conscious mind.
Shift your awareness. Work gives you the resources to do the things you like most. It serves a purpose, and might I suggest it holds an important key to your self-realization. How can something so important be a grind?



We are looking at a conversation between Pluto, Mercury, Saturn, Aces, #3s and #8s. There are also traces of influence in The Hermit and Universe cards.


Is the planet of necessary restriction. Saturn with its visible rings naturally lends itself to these associations. When you think of Spirit as Water, you have been “caught in the cup of form” and take the necessary shape required to complete the task at hand. Saturn takes all of our scattered energies and concentrates them to a focal point of our choosing.
You have the magic wand what are you doing with it!

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