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March 17th, 2015

I dreamed that I am on my porch and looking out on my front lawn. All my furniture etc is on the lawn. I am not sure if I am having a yard sale or just cleaning out my house. Spring Cleaning. It is daytime and pleasant not too cold or hot.

 At the bottom of my drive is a black Escalade and standing on the runner behind the driver’s side door is a young, handsome, light-skinned African American man. He has dreads pulled back in a ponytail on the top of his head and he is smiling at me. He is wearing a white ribbed tank top and jeans with construction boots. He is wearing gold jewelry but I can not remember the symbols.

 His sister is his twin and says that they have brought me something. She is dressed exactly the same way. She navigates all the clutter with ease and nimble as a cat she jumps up on the porch and hands me a worn science fiction paperback. It looks like it has been read many times.

 On the cover is the man in my drive. He is posing shirtless like he is on a romance novel. Suddenly I am by his side and congratulating him on his likeness and we converse easily. He tells me to look inside the book. 

There is a bookmark inside with a picture of the Tree of Life. It is a 3D diagram of the Qabalah. All the paths are like bungee cords and they tie a likeness of the man beside me to it. The image is living and moving. As I look at it lightning flashes through the tree and the man. I am amazed and I know that I have seen this before and it is important. I look up into the man’s eyes and he smiles at me and waggles his eyebrows at me and I wake up.

I did not immediately know who the couple is in my dream. I rolled over and Googled twin African gods and who pops up? Isis and Osirus of course.  I then pull a book off the shelf about Qabalah and flip through the pictures because I know that I have seen a picture of this occurrence in a book and there it is. The Path of the Flaming Sword. As I recall the image it puts me in mind of The Hanged Man, Odin, and Christ on the cross. I am not exactly sure what it means but I am keeping an open mind to insights.

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