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The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The Fool

The Tree of Life and The Starry Sky: The Fool

                                                        Pixie Colman Smith- artist


0 The Fool- Uranus- Air


He comes to us when we are striking out on any New endeavor… New Job… New relationship… New level of consciousness. Essentially he is our first impulse to create. He is the Dreamer within us, the Sleeping god. All is right with the world and anything is possible. He does not see the pit falls or possible plot twists that may come because he is so focused on his goal. When we retain this innocence, we can bring our intentions into reality with ease. A child existing in total Trust that all is well is a Powerful Creator. They have nothing standing in their way. However, along the way if we allow ourselves to be distracted, we may experience disillusionment.  

When discussing astrology it is always helpful to think of the planets as personalities interacting with one another. Especially when you can look up into the heavens and track their movements. They can also be seen as aspects of ourselves, all equally important, working together to form the basis of our psyche. You Know… all those voices in your head!

Uranus –
Awakens us to our Dreams.We want to make the world a better place. We want to be free from old ways of being and traditions that have become irrelevant. There appears to be a paradox of self actualization and the knowledge that we are All One. Uranus challenges us to see Life as a both /and instead of an either/or experience. He calls us to transcend duality.

Is the realm of the Mind. Think of the many kinds of wind. There are calm breezes, sudden gusts and driving gales. Our thoughts are powerful things. They are the basis on which we create our reality. Which type of wind symbolizes your mental activity? This is the place from which you are creating.

Ruling Signs 


GeminiI Think.
Cogito ergo sum. Self awareness. Here we ravenously gather information: categorizing, making connections and searching for patterns.
LibraI Balance.
We are continually seeking balance between our inner and outer reality. Changes made within will constitute change in the “Outside World”. We can easily explore this dynamic in our relationships. We are searching for others that are like us. Always gazing in the mirror so to speak and often marveling in what we find there.
AquariusI Know.

You Know exactly what is needed to make these changes. There are new and better ways of doing things. Trust your Knowing. Build a network of friends and community that will work together and support progress. Hold a vision for Humanity.

Ruling Planets


Conscious mind. Do you ever wonder why or where some of the thoughts you have come from? Be aware of your mental chatter. Write it down to give yourself perspective. Do you really believe the thoughts you are thinking? If not let them go and watch the inner changes that occur.

Venus –
Value. What do you value? Do you “think” you deserve your heart’s desire. It is the value you have for yourself and the world around you that determines your experience.Uranus-
See above

Ruling Houses 


3rd- Communication.
Since 90% of communication is nonverbal. What are you communicating in your thought process, body language? How do we speak our reality into being? What words are we using? Is there a more accurate way to say what we mean? Upon examination are we creating exactly what we are saying and thinking?
7th- The Art of Relation.
We must recognize that since we are part of a whole that we must see the people and world around us as partners in our design. How do you view most of the people and situations in your life? Are they your cohorts or your nemeses?
11th- Friendship, Dreams, Vision.

When we create from this place we know that what we do is not just for ourselves but also for All Creation. We have a part to play in the continual creation of the Universe. It can be as simple as holding a Vision of the World as we see it.



The Fool is the synthesis of  Pluto, Uranus, the Aces and #2s in the Tarot deck. It carries hints of The Magician, Justice, The Lovers and The Star cards.

Lord Hades is the catalyst for transformation on all levels. Isn’t that what we need, Transformation of our view of the World, Humanity and ourselves?

As you can see the Fool is a powerhouse of a card containing many aspects of the Universe within. When he is pulled in a reading get ready to embark on an exciting journey of self discovery.

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