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Chez Lapin Review

Chez Lapin Review


Chez Lapin is located on a rambling quarter acre in the heart of the Inglewood Community, minutes from downtown Nashville. Our grounds serve as a botanical and wildlife preserve with as little interference from man as allowed by law. Chez Lapin not only is home to a warren of house rabbits but also a warren to indigenous cottontail rabbits, an opossum, a racoon, a lively family squirrels, cardinals, chickadees, American crows, mourning doves and neighborhood cats. In the summer our thriving dandelion crop is used to support our local bee population and treat our rabbit warrens, much to the chagrin of our neighbors who have little appreciation for wildflowers.

This 1940 brick Tudor is preserved in its original state, the 1970s remodel withstanding. Decorated in Bohemian Chic (before it was cool) there is a vast collection of ancient statuary and artifacts from all over the world to inspire your contemplations and conversations. Ask the mistress for a tour of our basement to see our gas furnace a la The Burbs. It will excited the imagination and haunt your dreams.

Our little slice of Elysium has been touched by the fay and is thus unplottable to the United States post office, Fedex, Google, the pizza dude and the Nashville city planners that insist the street it resides on does not exist although the current residents of this street and the sign that adorns it beg to differ. So this is a place to come and get away from the outside world which suits its inhabitants just fine. We are a nocturnal clan expect to stay up late and sleep in. We do our best work under cover of darkness.

We offer a variety of faire from our galley kitchen. We are happy to offer vegan, vegetarian, fresh juice and smoothie options to the health conscious among you. We also specialize in comfort food made from the highest quality ingredients. Join the mistress of the house in a cuppa tea from her vast stores. If you are lucky she will read your leaves and foretell your future. Tarot reading also available on request.

Daily meditation and yoga practice available see schedule for times..

Our library rivals our sister in Alexandria, lost to time but never lost to our hearts. Take time and commune with a tome.

There is always a creative project in the works. We believe in the power of experience. Want to learn to quilt? Join us as we make one of our own. Always wanted to learn to knit? Why not today!

Here we are not above binge watching our favorite television shows and movies so if you are up for a marathon we will pop some corn and snuggle up on the couch with glee.

You are welcomed to socialize at your comfort. There are little nooks and crannies that allow for quiet contemplation when you need to think your own thoughts.

Come Dream with us!

Free WIFI and Netflix

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