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Mirror, Mirror

Mirror, Mirror
“The unexamined life is not worth living”- Socrates
It would seem that many aspects of my life are re-presenting themselves. One that is of great significance is divination. I have been studying, reading and teaching Tarot for 20 years. I long ago retired from giving private readings but have folded this practice into my daily practice of self reflection. My experience leads me to believe that all such tools are mirrors that allow us to see ourselves more clearly.
Call it what you will, fortunetelling, meditation, hypnosis, dream analysis, the drive to foresee happenings and make sense of the chaos of life springs from the desire to know ourselves better. Sometimes there is a coalescence of events that causes the information gained by these means to appear supernatural. However, I propose that it is the distance and perspective they lend that allow us to see patterns that would normally allude us.
I will review books and tools. I will try new things and report back. I will offer the insights of my experience for your consideration. Join me on my journey within, don’t take my word for it just, Call me Cassandra.

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