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Summer Solstice: Don’t Just Stand Still…Do Something!

Summer Solstice: Don’t Just Stand Still…Do Something!

This was written as part of series for an online Tarot publication in 2006.

As the Sun moves into Cancer, Summer Solstice swings into a burst of furious activity. The Earth burst forth in fruition as the God energy is at its full height. He lives in the Glory of the Sun with his Young Bride. We gather our most potent majickal herbs and traipse through the woods in search of the Faerie Folk.

In the height of the Season we will sense a shift from the earthy-intellectualism of Beltane to the emotions of Passion and Desire. We have no more thought but act out of our emotions and place great worth on how we feel. This is why we have all experienced the phenomenon of the Summer romance. We feel reckless and dangerous and need to get into trouble!

Summer is the time when all growth occurs, so it is of the utmost importance that we tend our gardens and do the work necessary to achieve our goal. This time of year also corresponds to the adult phase of Life. At this time we are establishing Ourselves, a Home and Family. Sometimes it feels as though we are in a frenzy just to get the basics covered and we ask ourselves Why? Am I just spinning my wheels out here?

But remember to balance your Emotions with the Mind. In order to not get lost in the Silvery Light of the Moon, we must remind ourselves of the goals that we set for ourselves at the Spring Equinox. Are there some activities that we need to cut out because they have no bearing on our goal? Pull the Weeds!

If we do this we will be able to give more energy to the activities that support our purpose. Water your Garden!

If we take this opportunity and utilize the energy at hand, as the Sun seems to stand still in the sky on this longest day of the year He will illuminate our lives and allow us to examine our motivations and free us to honor our emotions…throw caution to the Winds and dare to dream that all our Hopes can come true!

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