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Phases of the Tarot

Phases of the Tarot

This was written as part of series for an online Tarot publication in 2006.

Numerology is not just a study of the numbers themselves. It is also a study of their relation to one another in cycles of ever-spiraling levels of consciousness. The pattern in our number system 0-9, we see repeated throughout creation…whether it is the work of Pythagoras, the Sephiroth of the Tree of Life, or the numbered suit cards of the Tarot.
What does it mean? What is the significance of it all? This simple repeating pattern is the tapestry that connects all. It is the Spiral and the cycle that are integral to the understanding of existence. On the surface it would appear to be a linear logical pattern: 1, 2, 3…when in fact it is cyclical in nature: 9, 10, 11…. This would explain much of the misconception surrounding the use of the Tarot for divination purposes. Many view the tarot as a predictor of a linear chain of events i.e. fortune telling. Thus, the classic interpretations of Tarot and Astrology are pessimistic and dis-empowering, which only serves to perpetuate the misconception that we are at the mercy of forces outside our control. In fact, the Tarot are meant to synchronize us with the flow of the universe. When we are one with the process we step into our Co-Creatorship and onto the path to fulfilling our Divine Purpose.


How can we use the Tarot on a practical daily, weekly, or monthly level to aid us in our spiritual journey of Union with the Divine? The key is correspondence between the Phases of the Moon and the suit cards of the Tarot. There are eight phases of the moon each month, New, Crescent, 1st Quarter, Gibbous, Full, Disseminating, 3rdQuarter and Balsamic. Using the imagery of the Tarot coupled with our intent we can elevate our awareness and create the reality of our choosing.



Zero is the great mystery of numerology. It is itself seemingly outside the cycle. On closer examination one will find that it is not outside the cycle but rather it encompasses the cycle, the intent, and the outcome of our endeavors. Looking at the symbolism of “0” many correlations become clear. It is The Circle… Every-Thing …No-Thing… The Void… The Source… The Ineffable Eternal Light Ain Soph Aur. This is the Universe in Perfect Union before an act of Creation takes place.

1- Ace- New
Crowning our consciousness are the Aces. This is the place of initiation and we see Spirit begin to differentiate itself into the Four Elements of Fire, Earth, Air and Water. All four must be in play to successfully create intent. You must gather the forces of the 4 elements together. When you do this you plant the seed of your intent and begin a New Cycle.


Ace of…
Wands Will, this our first Impulse or Desire. See It, Want It, Go get It!
CupsEmotion is the fuel for our “Fire” and will sustain our Desire throughout the Creation Process.
SwordsIntellect gives us the gift of Discernment and allows us to morph our intent as our perspective Changes and we gain clarity through the cycle.
PentaclesManifestation this is the impulse to bring order and physical form to our Desire.


2- Crescent
Twos give us the Wisdom that only detachment and observation can bring to our Purpose. We examine the reflection of our Will. We establish the connection between Divine Will and the will of our personality. This ensures that the information we gather here will guide our progress and fit perfectly into the Divine Plan. Ultimately yielding the wanted and properly aligned results.


2 of…
Wandsreflect on the responsibility of exercising our will on creation. Why do I want this? Are we in this for the long haul no matter what? Can I live with the consequences of the changes I am bring about in my Life. Clarity of intent is Paramount.
Cups- reflect on our relation to creation and the partnerships needed to give form to our intent. Can we sustain the emotion necessary to fulfill the process? This is the same consideration of commitment you would give to starting a family. Do I have enough love to nurture this ‘Child” for the rest of her existence? Can we be Gracious Gods and Goddesses that will nurture our creation?
Swords- reflect on the thought forms required to manifest intent. Do I really want this?    Synchronizing our conscious and unconscious minds (single mindedness) required to manifest intent. Are there thoughts and words we use that work against our Desire.
Pentacles- reflect on the cycles of creation moving with the ebb and flow harmony with physical existence. This is where we take a look at a practical game plan on how to give form to our Desire. It is helpful at this stage to explore timing whether that be through Astrology or the Solar or Lunar Cycles.
3- 1st Quarter
Now is the time to take action that sustained by our emotions will coalesce into our desire at the end of the cycle. We have progressed from duality combining the masculine and feminine to bring forth a new creation. At 1stQuarter we are still operating with very little illumination. Thus we must trust that the Understanding of our actions will come at the Full moon. We must do what we can with what we know at this time. Up to now our intent may not have been very clear even to us. It may have been only a glimmer, a hope, a dream.


The power of the process lies in consciously participating in each step. As you begin to bring structure to your endeavor use the cards as yantras in meditation to clear and focus your mind. Your willingness to be a Co-Creator is the action needed to proceed.  From this point on your clarity of intent will grow.


As readers it will quickly become clear what role both our clients and ourselves play in creating our reality. The cards we choose are a great barometer for the stage of consciousness from which we are creating. As well as, were we are in the process.


3 of…
Wands-will must be sustained by a clear vision. Your will is indomitable. Complete your preparations. Time for lollygagging is over. Now is the Time to act. 
Cups-emotions must support and elevate our Purpose. Be in Joy and create from a place of plenty and abundance. When we begin with an awareness of lack we will not see our end result. Expect the Universe and all its members to support you.
Swords-mind must remain clear and focused. This is a more challenging task than most of us would care to admit. How many thought forms do you have squirreled away up there that affirm your separation from The Source? Be tenacious. Root them out and release them.
Pentacles-manifestation is dependent on action. You will formulate a plan of responsible action to achieve your goal. A “TO DO” list as it were. This seemingly mundane task is one of the most important things you can do to keep you on track.


 4- Gibbous
Often times when people think they are experiencing the “Lunacy” of the Full Moon, on closer inspection they are in the time just before the Full or Gibbous. To the eye it is often difficult to tell. The Wobble of the Gibbous Phase comes from our desire to have stability. We want to know we are on the right track.


As the light of the Moon grows we are continually getting a clearer view of our intents both conscious and unconscious. Depending on the unity of our Minds we will experience this as positive or negative. This is the proverbial Dark Night of the Soul and there are those that may choose to go into Fear.


 Do we really want what we have wished for? We want reassurance and we must build trust in the Mercy and Loving-Kindness of the Universe. Some would call it faith. However, faith often holds connotations that do not apply to our purpose. Trust is dependent on a relationship that has proven its self over and over. Time and Time again. Can you trust yourself? Can you trust the Divine?


4 of…
Wands-All is well. There is plenty and our will is congruent with our Purpose. Creative action will bring about more positive change than expected.
Cups-You may find that there is a Higher Purpose to your Desire. The emotions fueling your desire may not be what you thought they were. Be open to this realization and the changes it will bring.
Swords-Some thought forms have to be reevaluated. This is positive and shows that you are a living, growing, evolving being. Here again we are negotiating with ourselves and the long held beliefs that threaten to hold us captive.
Pentacles-There is… has been and always will be plenty. Being a Good Steward and hoarding are two different things. When you hang onto what the Universe brings to you it stops the natural flow of energy and will grind your process to a halt. This is where a majority of people jump ship and they wonder why nothing ever turns out the way they want it to. You will not get your intended results unless you see the process through to completion.


 5- Full
Can you handle the unadulterated Truth? No Sugar Coating allowed. Go ahead you’re Strong enough. We can do this the Hard Way or the Easy Way.


Having made the adjustments that were necessary at the Gibbous phase the Full Moon will be nothing short of an empowering and affirming evaluation of were we are in relation to the Universe. As we stand in the full light of the Moon we clearly see our motivations and the plan of action needed to bring our process to fruition.


For those that have chosen another path their experience of this illumination is shattering.


There is the invaluable opportunity to reevaluate our plan. What we have been doing is not working. Unfortunately the classic Tarot Images tend to focus on this side of our beloved #5s. Most of the traditional interpretations assume that the participant is not conscious. That is the focus of the full phase, Ruthless Compassion. Some would call it Karma, Cause and Effect, I say we are simply receiving our intents as they are.


5 of…
Wands-Strife, Rage, Anger, War, Embittered Destruction or boundless energy and determination to accomplish all that lies before us?
Cups-Unmet expectations, emotional disappointment, disillusion or the opportunity to go forward with rightly placed affection establishing relationships that support us.
Swords-Defeat, been believing in a lie all this time or Clarity and a still, empty mind to be filled with thought patterns and speech supportive of your Purpose
PentaclesOut in the cold without anything, destitute or the realization that I have created my reality (See 4 of pentacles) and all I must do is reach my hand out and receive what is there waiting for me.


6- Disseminating
 We are now the teachers the way showers if you will and able to share what has been gained with others. Let your Light shine! It’s a Beautiful Thing!


At Disseminating we gain a sense of the Unity of All Things. We can see the Divine Impulse to create in our own Purpose. The Universe is ever evolving and so are we. We willingly participate in Life. Knowing that all the ups and downs are indispensable parts of the process. The greatest illumination lies in the Knowing that Life is sacred. Many of us live constantly in the future thinking “One Day” things will be better and this often translates into our spiritual lives. Heaven, Valhalla, The Elysian Fields are here. Enjoy!!!


Don’t rest on your laurels. Your not a martyr and you do not know it all. The process isn’t complete yet. We have cleared the way to the next phase.


6 of…
Wands-Victory! Our Will held out through all the challenges and is still strong. We can share it with others and motivate them.
Cups-Pleasure! We can reminisce about the “good old days”. We remember what it was like to experience those oceans of emotion. Sharing our gained detachment, giving others hope.
Swords-Success! We have relinquished thought forms and speech that doesn’t support us. Find new ways to communicate your Purpose to those around you. Share these realizations with others and inspire them.
Pentacles-Plenty! We are a channel for abundance. Surrounded by beauty we have enough for ourselves and we have resources to share with others.

7- 3rd Quarter

Ready to get down to business? We will be blazing a trail with our Creation and in order to do this we must take the responsible actions needed to bring it into being. We are artist standing in front of a blank canvas. Possibilities are endless. Many opportunities are available to you in your new state of mind. You must stay focused on our intent or all the energy we have invested will dissipate.


There may be the temptation to fritter away what we have gained i.e. decadence, debauchery, and hedonism. The Dragon we slay here is control of our emotions. Don’t be taken in by the glamor of it all. Will we turn our new found skills to selfish ends? What is the good for all concerned and what is your place in it. This lesson corresponds well to the temptation of Christ.


Stoke and fan the Flame that created your Desire.
7 of…
WandsYour new perspective will bring about needed change. You must be courageous and press forward. Shaking others out of their comfort zone could bring resistance (remember you were there once?). Take responsible actions.
Cups-Where are your loyalties? At this time distraction and divided affection take you in a direction other than that of your chosen path.
Swords-Be responsible in your communication, thoughts and speech. Unnecessary worry will tax your energy that would be put to better use elsewhere. Use this store of mental activity to brainstorm and gain clarity of intent.
Pentacles– Make responsible investments of your resources whether it be money or time. The word discernment comes to mind. You must be realistic. Realism will allow you the perspective to see the rich reward in store for you due to your diligence. If not you will find yourself in a sun-scorched field with nothing to show for your efforts.


8- Balsamic
It’s all in your mind. Take time to be alone with your thoughts. This time of quiet and reflection is of the utmost importance. It gives us time to reflect on what we have created and will create in the future. Release all expectations of the work you have done. This is a tough one. There are Buddhist monks that create elaborate sand mandalas as a form of meditation and when it is completed it is then destroyed. What is important is the process not the result. What! Did I go through all this for nothing? No. When you synchronize yourself with the cycles of creation, you will find that all is as it should be and you are always right were you need to be.


Now we let the land lay fallow and make room for our next endeavor. Wipe the slate clean. We move into the Dark to choose our new seeds.


8 of…
Wands – We have chosen our action. From all the options and paths to choose to bring about our purpose we see clearly and shoot straight.
Cups-We have chosen to leave the negative emotions of the past behind and allow our Higher Purpose to motivate and take us into the culmination of our machinations and future creations.
Swords-We can see the limiting thought forms we have chosen to entertain. The lack of trust we have experienced in the past is released. We can now trust ourselves and the Universe to support us.
Pentacles-We look on the process of creation with great joy and have a deep sense of satisfaction in the day-to-day aspects of our creation. We choose to chop wood and carry water.


If we planted the seed at the New moon #1, #9 is the Child waiting and ready to be born. Here we have formed our mental image that will be birthed when we get to 10. All things come in the fullness of time. An expectant Mother would always put off the birth of her child until the time is right. A farmer always waits until just the right time to harvest. Too soon or too late both hold their own dangers. Timing is everything.


Are we strong enough to do this? The answer is an emphatic YES! A Mother always questions “Am I Strong enough? Can I do this?” Just like all of our ancestors that have been birthing children or the creations of our choice from time in memorial we will continue to do so.


The realization of the #9s is that we are part of a cyclical process. The Universe is always being Dreamt…Created…Destroyed…and Dreamt again. When we choose to see life on a time line with a Beginning… Middle… and End we miss the magic. You are part of the Dance of Life. Learn the Steps!


9 of…
Wands- What was important to us in the past has changed. Our priorities are not what they were at the beginning of the cycle. The process has made us Strong!
Cups-We see the end of the tunnel and see our hearts desire coming to fulfillment.
Swords– We are willing to do what it takes to nurture our creation. Sometimes this may take the form of releasing projects, thoughts, investments that no longer nurture our Purpose.
Pentacles-Our value for our process has increased. We find that we have not been alone in the process. We have received guidance and support whether or not we perceived it at the time. Reaping the rich reward for all our effort.


Here at the culmination of all of our efforts. We come to #10. We have created Heaven on Earth and given form to our Divine Purpose. The realization that the Universe and all Its inhabitants support us in creating the Reality of our choice. At the same time, we now reenter The Ineffable Light to begin again and Dream New Dreams!


10 of…
Wands– Embrace full responsibility for our creation.
Cups- Embrace joy and fulfillment. We are satisfied.
Swords– Embrace the end of our endeavor and turn our mind to a New Cycle
Pentacles– Embrace success, abundance and prosperity.

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