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Beltaine: The Empress’ New Clothes

Beltaine: The Empress’ New Clothes

This was written as part of series for an online Tarot publication in 2006

Astrologically speaking Beltaine occurs when the sun reaches 15 degrees of Taurus. We are still in Spring, but the wheel of the year begins to turn toward Summer.

The seeds planted in the Spring are gathering all the nutrients and strength to burst forth into full fruition of Summer. This is why our fresh, still and silent new beginning shifts to orgiastic fury. The motto here is “Eat, Drink and be Merry.”

This time of year has a bad reputation due to the old idea that Taurus is consumed only with the possession and accumulation of wealth and prestige. However, this thought form can be shifted merely by recognizing the purpose behind this decadent energy. This is the foreplay to the climax of Summer. In Nature and our bodies this serves as the desire to create new life and perpetuate existence.

Although the Earth goes through this energy every year how do we utilize it in our daily lives? What is it that you want to create or recreate this year? Now is the time to embrace experience and soak up all the information coming your way in order to make you dreams come true! It is not empty consumption; it is having a goal in mind… a method to our madness that gives us purpose.

Venus rules Taurus. The Empress Card in the Major Arcana of the tarot deck is the embodiment of this Venus energy. Each year as the trees sprout new leaves and all of our favorite spring flowers bloom the Empress dawns her new vestments. You can put a fresh face on your goals and invigorate your passion by awakening to your place in this beautiful dance of Life.

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