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Wrong Number

Wrong Number

I really wish I could remember when this happened. I am going to say 2003 because we lived in our current home and still had a land line with caller ID and an answering machine.

On day I came home and went to the kitchen to check my machine for messages. A red number one flashed there. I pushed play and what I heard next floored me. A distant voice called to someone. Dannna….Dannna..??? It sounded as if the voice was passing through water, distorted and other worldly. I glanced over at the caller ID and it flashed UNKNOWN CALLER.

The only Dana I knew was my friend. Taking into account the past unusual and inexplicable occurrences that we shared I assumed it was for her. I picked up my hand set and promptly said, ” Dana does not live here. Her number is 784-567-0249 try her there and hung up.

There were no more calls but we saved this message for a long time. We listened to it anytime we wanted to feel uncomfortable and ponder the mysteries of the universe.

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