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To My Dearest Mittle Sis, (Middle/Little)

To My Dearest Mittle Sis, (Middle/Little)

Thank you so much for Being You.

Thank you for seeing the Sacred and Holy Common Ground we share as Women, Sisters and Mothers and knowing that it is enough.

Thank you for the Safe Place we create between us.
We can talk about the Hard and Uncomfortable things and then laugh hysterically over the Absurd and Corny.

Thank you for the deep conversations where we Bare our Souls to one another.

Thank you for filling in the Blanks and Blind Spots of our Shared Past.
I can not express how much it means to me to have that continuity.

Someone who shares your Past, Present and Future.

Someone who has seen your “Dark Side” and says “Your going to have to do better that that!”

Thank you for not agreeing with me, but being willing to hear me out and to consider Life from my perspective.

Thank you for making Room for me in your Life, and being sooo willing to Play with me.

Thank you for not just sharing the Joys of Life, but also its Sorrows and allowing me the honor and privilege of standing by your side as witness.

Thank you for your Compassion.

I Love and Value You, and I Hope that I just don’t say it but that I Demonstrate it.

You show me in a Thousand Ways you Love me…and I see everyone.

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