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What Big Teeth You Have…

What Big Teeth You Have…


I had this dream many times. As a young child it was terrifying everytime. I now wonder if it was part premonition and/or anxiety induced. Were there signs or conversations about my grandmother’s health that caused me to dream this dream?

I dreamed I was my 5/6 year old self. I was in my grandmother’s house when there is a knock on the front door.

My grandmother was at the stove baking biscuits while wearing her house dress.

I run to open the door for her when the knocking becomes louder, harder more insistent.

My hand hovers over the door knob. She calls me back and I cry into her apron as I hug her around the legs.

She tells me to hide in the potato bin and be quiet. I do so. There is a mesh covering part of the bin so I can partially see what is happening.

She goes to the door and opens it. I hear growling and arguing. I can not remember what was said. Just raised voices, my grandmother screaming then silent.

I crouch in the bin trying to be quiet, tears running down my face, as a HUGE Wolf stalks around the house sniffing and looking for me.

Finally the wolf leaves but I stay in the bin for a long time waiting. I get out of the bin and I am running around the house looking for my grandmother but she is no where to be found.
I become more and more frantic until I wake up with my heart pounding.

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