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This is one of the worst dreams of my life. I was so scared. I woke up trembling.

I dreamed I was driving down Church St. in Murfreesboro. There was a building that had always been there but I had never been inside. I seemed to be drawn to it. My car broke down and I flagged down an old woman who refused to help me. Men came pouring out of the building, drugged me and dragged me inside.

When I got inside everyone was happy, too happy. Everyone was trying to make me feel welcomed and at home, taking me in. But they were taking me where I did not want to go. They wanted me to go downstairs but I could not make it so I was made to go down in the elevator.

S, G and SB were there. While I was separated from the group I saw my brother coming downstairs and stand near the doors. I told him “J I don’t have much time. I am being forced against my will. These people are drugging everyone to keep them under control. Get the police, I love you, Goodbye.” I hurried down the elevator.

When the doors opened, I was surrounded in a subterranean paradise. Opulence. Everyone with fake smiles on their faces. They showed us a propaganda film of rich people swimming around in a pool saying, ” These people are in our town because they are on the Ultimate Journey!”

There were two children , a boy and a girl. Everyone seemed to be looking to them for advice. They were in a trance state. The boy said, ” Mommy, Sissy needs a heart transplant.” The little girl repeated, “Yes Mommy, I need a heart transplant.”

Then I hear a ruckus. Armed men come in. I know it is the police. Then one of the members say they are looking for a girl with red hair. I told this leader that I had dyed my hair but it is not really my color. I really really have medium to dark brown hair.

I ran from the room to meet my” rescue”.  I saw the police and was sure they had come to save me. I looked into the sheriff’s face and he said in a dull uninterested tone, ” I’m doing no refiling today.” and he sprayed me with some liquid. Another policeman walked by me and sprayed me with the same liquid. Then a large black man from the group came and put this other kind of liquid in my eyes and mouth, bonding them shut. The last thing I heard him say was ” You could have lived normally here among us if you had not betrayed us but now we realize it is not possible.”

In reality it was I who had been betrayed by my little brother and the police. I was bound to the bed blind and speechless. I was kept alive in this state, fed intravenously and raped.

Worst dream ever!

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