Last Resort


I dreamed I was sight seeing in Seattle Washington. 

I went to a spa and saw J. 

I then dined at a restaurant where the novelty was eating barefoot. You would roll your pants legs up “Huckleberry Finn Style” and walk around with no shoes. The “carpet” was grass, and everyone drank from large canning jars. 

I then went to the Space Needle and did some shopping where everyone was sooo nice and we seemed to have alot in common. When I looked they were all wearing the same clothes me.

From there we took a taxi to a resort. IT WAS FABULOUS! However, after putting our baggage in our rooms we were taken to the “beach”. 

This is where it got weird. 

The beach was covered in large grey rocks, and the ocean was inky blackness. All the other guests of the resort were just standing and staring out at the large grey beasts that were just off the shoreline. A Giant Squid and many others that I do not remember. The one closest to the shore looked like it used to be the idea of an elephant, but much much bigger. All you could see coming out of the water was a trunk and one large eye. It appeared to be trying to interact with the others on the shore, splashing and flailing in the black water. 

For some reason no one wanted the water to touch them. At that point one of the resort concierges handed me a large rat. When I looked around all the guests had one. The concierge seemed to get upset and said “Why aren’t they eating them! They are supposed to be eating them!” and she meant the rats were supposed to be eating the guests. 

Then I woke up.

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