Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN




I dreamed that D was asking about the Keys group and was meeting with us. At an opportune time there was an eclipse, a conjunction of the Sun and Moon. I was trying to climb a hill but could not. A kind gentleman helped me. He looked ragged but had BEAUTIFUL EYES.

I then was walking around my parent’s house. Not the Paddock Dr. house it was much more opulent. M was following me around asking me to explain in greater detail what the seminar was going to be about. She thought A might be interested in coming to The Divine Feminine Retreat. She implied that the two of them would like to attend a study group. I was standing with my mouth wide open. I could not believe M would be talking about these things with me.

I then began to float off the floor all the way to the high ceilings! I had to put my arms up above my head to keep from hitting my head.

There was much more but I did not retain all of it upon waking.

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