Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN




I dreamed I am leading a group of children 10-12 girls ages 8 to 12 years of age. We are running through ruins and I open energy fields and the group jumps together. This happens quickly and multiple times.


I flash into different scene. There is a group of women holding very small babies. They look like dolls. There is a woman in charge and she is explaining that the spirit we choose to sponsor must have a spinal chord of a certain length. If this length is exceeded the spirit will drain rather than work with our energies.

I am handed a spirit whose energy is wrong. I respectfully take it back and choose another. This one seems right. Each child is tightly wound in grey cloths like a mummy. Its tiny head is only covered with a grey handkerchief tied under the chin.

This line of women goes on forever in the open, flashing landscape. All of us headed toward a single point.


I flash into another scene. I am running from 3 dark spirits. My companions are two teenage girls. We are driving in a car in an urban environment. There are buildings everywhere on the ground and floating in the air. The roads we are driving on run under the floating buildings. We ***flash*** and are inside a floating building.

The spirits finally catch us and bind us. This was their plan all along. They sit around us in a dark room, smoking, drinking and taunting us. Somehow we are loosed and shift once more.


Now I am with the Keys group and I open another energy door. What had seemed easy during most of my dream now was different. I looked down and I was far from the ground and I could not see how to make the connection with our destination. The group behind me is rushing me but I can not go until everything is right. D is on the ground trying to coach me down. I force myself to think of a solution and what I come up with is this, ” I wonder if this is the same as Indiana Jones and the last crusade?”

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