Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN




I had a dream that has stuck with me all these years. It was not long but powerful and inspired many years of research and study.

I knelt on cool hard stone. I was surrounded on three sides by a deep darkness. There were flickering torches on either side of an ancient altar. They illuminated ancient Egyptian statuary both small and large. I smelled the heady aroma of frankincense. I heard the sound of a voice chanting a prayer and was surprised to find it was my own. My hand went to my throat. I was myself but looked at my hands and found strangers there. I had a strong sense of existing in another time and space.

Then I was flying over the desert at night with the Pyramids below me. Glowing with a phosphorescent light was a labyrinth of passageways under the sand connecting many places of power in Egypt. It seemed that if I flew high and higher I would see these pathways make connections all over the world.

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