Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN

Missed Delivery

Missed Delivery

Dreamed I was in the trailer packing up someone else’s treasures. It was just as I remember it. It was in good condition just like when we lived there.

I did not know or recognize anyone else there. The man who”owned” the place was strutting around delegating responsibilities to the other movers. Offering us items if we wanted them. I concentrated on the kitchen. Going through the cabinets and refrigerator.

When I went down the hall to what was my bedroom I saw a 6-8” vase that was painted with roses sitting on a table. I have never seen it before in waking life but it reminds me of some of the ceramics Mom has. I took it without asking and wrapped it in news paper. It seemed to have a very special meaning to me and I did not want it to be taken away. The owner is then looking for it so it can be given away to someone that has no idea of its worth. I say nothing and keep it hidden.

I take a hawk to the front door, open it and the hawk flies outside swooping around eating mice etc. It is daytime but a gigantic white owl flies in lighting on the tree right outside the kitchen window shaking and ruffling its feathers. It is really shady underneath the tree. It has come to give me a message. But I wake up before it can.

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