This was a great dream. I was in a dream bathroom with K and S. There were four showers, a garden tub, tile floors etc. We are taking baths in all the showers and assigning all of us our own showers with with one for S, one for K, one for me, one for guests etc.

All of a sudden someone is taking me by the right arm it is *. This time he has $ with him and they are both talking to me at the same time. The details are fuzzy but $ was really sorry for her attitude and that * really needed me to help him in his healing.

I found myself sitting on the cool tile floor with *’s head in my lap. My left hand over his crown and right on his Muladhara. We were quietly talking $ on my right. * was saying things like he needed me etc. I told him I could help but that it was up to him to make changes that would improve his situation.

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