Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN




I dreamed I went to a jewelry store to order a piece of jewelry. I exchanged pleasantries with the girl behind the counter who happened to be Tonya from Motel Super 8.

K and I where living on a lane in an older neighborhood, very quiet. There were lots of Willow trees in our yard. K was outside washing the VW Bug while I was walking. The road in front of our house was circular with roads that intersected with the circle.

I left from the shop and went walking with D from Cumberland. We walked counterclockwise around the circle. D looked at me very seriously and told me that she really needed to speak to me. She said she had a problem coming to me on a professional basis because she had been told that I was mentally unstable. I had tried to cut my hands off. I looked down at my hands and seeing them there I told her I did not know what she was talking about but I obviously had not cut cut my hands off. Never the less, she would no longer come to me.

When my jewelry came in it was a gold watch very gaudy and opulent. Attached to the watch was a small case that held a small pair of glasses. I heard a voice inside my head say “Charity watch.” I took the glasses and put them on. I saw that my left hand was gone. Looking through my glasses the scene went from color to black and white. I did not look at my right hand so I did not know if it was gone or not.

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