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The Party is Over

The Party is Over


I dreamed S, I and lots of friends were in a huge house having a party. Some of the people I know and some I do not. It was a typical family party with kids running inside and outside, playing and having fun. The grown ups are cooking, drinking and talking.

It is the end of the night and I am walking through this large house telling everyone it is time to go. It seems that there are rooms I know and am comfortable with and those I am not.

People start to leave but there are two that are resisting my insistence that they leave. S and another man I do not recognize. I get the sense that he is my husband but he is not K wearing another face. As I am busy with the other guests, S and this other man take S into another room. When I get to a stopping place in what I am doing I go and look for them. I find them excitingly looking for me. The shaggy blonde headed, bearded man beckons me to come into the room and see what they have done.

I find S lying on he bed very still but seemingly OK. As I approach the bed, I notice that she is breathing funny. The guys laugh and tell me that they have put something in her throat to kill her. I open her mouth and find what looks to be a salve tin. A small one, just large enough to block her esophagus. I easily and gingerly pop it out and all is well.

I am furious at the men! I storm out of the room holding S. I am ranting and raving at the two men. They do not seem to see what they did that was so bad. I sit down on the couch with her surrounded by still more guests that still have not left. The guys are begging and pleading with me. I say “That’s it! I have had enough!” I go out the front door with S on my back. Down the street to my right I see a police car pulled into the yard at the corner. The street looks like Paddock Dr. On the corner there is a well landscaped neighborhood sign and behind it the blue flashing lights.

Inside the car is a female cop making out with a guy wearing tennis shoes, jeans, tee shirt, and a jean jacket. They are startled when I walk up but readily focus their attention on me as I tell them my story.

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