Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN

My Lady

My Lady



I dreamed that K, S and I were driving around town at night. I was slipping in and out of consciousness.The environment seemed to be dangerous with cars crashing and looting going on.

We are safe. Then Kent pulls up to our house and we get out of the car. What do I see but a literal hole in the ground. Not a lovely Hobbit Home, but a hovel. I start to rant and rave at K about the house. How could he have chosen so poorly? He said we had lived here for years and I had never complained before. I was shocked and had no answer.

I became aware that there was a creepy man that was living next door.

I am in our backyard, everything is bright green and beautiful. There is a beautiful woman with long black hair. She starts to spin and dance. As she does I begin to keen, wail and sing in a language I do not understand. It seems to sound Middle Eastern. I am still singing and get into child’s pose as My Lady continues to dance.

Then we are locked inside a room in the hovel. Then the creepy guy next door brings us both a HUGE package of menstrual pads.

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