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Wild Woman

Wild Woman

I dreamed there was a gathering of  people and I was helping with the after life care of bodies. When I go to the next house Sw is there. He is shy and hesitant but I hug him and tell him how much I care about him and suggest we get together soon. My assistant and I go into the bedroom to wash and dress the body and we begin to wrap her in bandages. The woman wakes up about half way though and is furious. We apologize but she will not have it. We tell her the doctor pronounced her dead before we started. She is raging around and tearing the bandages off.

I am then walking down a cobble stone street at dusk . I turn into my house and I hear a ruckus upstairs. I find T up there. This is my spiritual sanctuary. My cards strewn, my statuary broken to bits, my magical books ripped apart and a fire going in the middle of the floor. My armoire over turned. She is wild and I can not talk sense to her. Feral. I am asking her why she is here and why she has done these things. I got the sense that she had attempted magic against me with my own tools.

I call to G who comes upstairs and looks at the destruction she has wrought. He looks around and says he had no idea it was this bad.  She shrieks and runs through the house in a rage and out the front door. There is much more to this dream but upon waking I have lost it. G hugs me and we stand there. Genuine affection between us. And many unsaid things. I wonder what they are. I wake up.

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