Yard Work


In my dream I wake up and walk into the living room.
I find the neighbor boy asleep on the couch.
He slowly opens his eyes and nonchalantly says that he was planning on killing us but since we are awake he can’t.
He takes me outside and shows me where he and a group of his friends have dug a HUGE hole for me, K, and S.
I call to K and tell him to call the police. He does.
The boy disappears and I wake up.

Two days before I had this dream a neighbor boy from down the street knocked on our door asking if he could mow our lawn to raise money for a school trip. We had lived in our home for five years and had never seen him before but he said he knew our oldest son. He meant the oldest son of the previous owners. He never returned to do the work and I was suspicious because if he did indeed live down the street he would have known the previous owners had moved.

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