Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN




In this dream K and S are with me. I see myself in a mirror. I have what I would call my glorified body. I am myself. You would recognize me but I glow with a light and beauty seldom seen in this reality. I like to think it is my true self as I appear in Spirit.

I am approached and asked to join these two beautiful men. They escort me into a luxurious hotel like the one in Cairo. They lead me arm in arm into a room filled with beautiful music, beautiful women and beautiful food. A harem setting. I am approached by a huge, fat man in an Italian suit, black hair, mobsterish. He offers me a position as a concubine. I am tempted but I feel uneasy and do not think I can trust him, He says it is totally up to me and I should take some time to think it over. I am not convinced I will be given a choice.

I am given house money and told to go and enjoy myself with K and S while I make up my mind. I find them in the opulent lobby. We go into the restaurant to eat. It is a WWII themed restaurant.

At that time we seem to loose S. I panic but find her.

I tell K we will have to pay for our own food because I feel if we spend the house money, we will be obligated to stay here.

then I woke up

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