And Your Little DogToo.


I am at V’s house and we are sitting in the living room. Behind me on the wall there are many ticking clocks all with different scenes from The Wizard of Oz. As we are talking I get the sense that I am being tested by V. Suddenly I jump up in surprise and knock a Wicked Witch of the West clock from the wall.

Then there is a huge dog standing behind me that I can not see. It is barking and growling angrily at me. This is part of the test and I am failing miserably. I am afraid of the dog. It is bad that I do not like him.

V, L, and R are yelling and saying all kinds of mean spirited things to me. I suddenly realize that V does not like dogs and the energy shifts.

V house is huge and packed with many people all in a bustle. We all have baskets full of eggs and we go outside to a beautiful, sunny, green field to plant them in the ground.

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