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I’m a Fool to Want You

I’m a Fool to Want You
I’m a Fool to Want You. -Billie Holiday


I  do not see myself but the man I am with is white.
He does not hit me but he throws things and screams at me.
Though my adrenaline is pumping I do not fear for my life.
The observer in me knows this is not a healthy relationship.
The character is irresistibly drawn to this man with a wild, passionate abandon that is undeniable.
We proceed to have a torrid love session.

The character’s dad is a tall, slender, black man who has an Afro. I see scenes from a childhood that reflect the relationship with the white man. I know the passion I feel for him is a cry for love and belonging.

I wonder if you can dream the dreams of others. Or dream events that occur around you like what is going on in your neighbor’s houses.

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