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La Dolce Vita

La Dolce Vita

I dreamed I walked out my front door and down to the mailbox where I met two ladies. They said they were mechanics and wanted to know if I need anything fixed. I said I only have a van and it seems to be working just fine. I said we could go out back and take a look at it.

I noticed the front yard was a mess and it looked as though no one lived there at all. The grass and weeds were waist high. As we moved to the back of the house, up my drive, we look at my van. A carport seems to appear and we now had a yacht, a Nissan Titan truck, a limousine, and 5 other high priced luxury vehicles.

The 2 women have become 3 women and a man. They ask me if I have all the vehicles why do I only drive my van. I reply “I don’t know… I didn’t realize I had these other vehicles.” At which point I chat pleasantly with them as we walk down the drive. We say goodbye and I go inside my house. Everything seems to be in the normal state of disarray.

There is more than this that seems to be lost. Something of rain and Gabrielle crying to me from the porch soaking wet.

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