Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN

Honey Bunny

Honey Bunny

August 3  2013

I dreamed I had a conversation with Ms. E concerning a few items she was giving to me.

I had this discussion in her home with her and her husband. He was sitting in a recliner his face obscured by the newspaper. She sat on a piano bench with the piano at her back.

She said that I could have her bee hive which I took from her backyard as is and put in the truck of my car. Honey dripping everywhere.

I took a craft kit that had all the supplies to make a guitar. It was shrink wrapped in plastic.

And there were 5-10 bunnies hopping around the room that I was to take and re home.

I had just finished loading these things when Ms. Edna asked me where they all had gone. I explained that she had told me to take these things.

She said there were 25 or so rabbits and it was OK just bring back the ones I could not re home.

I was uncomfortable with what I saw as a clear cut conversation and then her not remembering it.

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