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Your Majesty

Your Majesty

I dreamed that I went out into the backyard of dad’s property in Georgia and was communing with nature when a strange green woman came out of the forest. She was beautiful but dressed in everyday clothes. I now think this was for my benefit because I am sure she never wore such things. She looked a little like the cartoon representations of sea monkeys.

We talked about her and her people, and my people and how long we had shared this land. She had been there far longer than we. I found myself talking about my immediate family but I am sure she was talking about humans in general.

Along the way, I brushed against something sticky with many small green dots in it. She explained that these were her eggs and her children. I was horrified that I may have hurt them. She told me not to worry and began to extricate each small green dot from my sleeve.

Soon a large green man showed up to retrieve the eggs. He also reminded me of the illustration, but he was nude and made no attempt to wear clothes. He chatted with me pleasantly enough and when he went to leave the female called him Husband and Your Majesty.  I then looked at her in awe for I knew who she was. I am a little stunned that all these years later I get a visit from her. Then I wake up.

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