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It’s Alive!?

It’s Alive!?

Nov. 5 2013

I dreamed that I was at a classy cocktail party. Mad men like. D and S were there. She was so tall that I could  not see her face. Beautiful and aloof. She was miffed at me for some reason. She elegantly moved around the room avoiding me each time I sat beside her trying to speak to her. I wailed ” I am so sorry I have not called!!!” To her back as she walked away and exited the party.

Sitting across from me was S in a dapper 3 piece suit, smoking a cigarette.  Hair slightly long on top but slicked back. Leaning his elbows on his knees.

To his left was M. He was oily and sleazy but very well dressed. He had mad scientist hair. Big, graying on the sides. He just stood there staring like a hungry wolf at a sheep. Drool dripping from the sides of his mouth as his hand clung to his martini glass. S slowly turned looking from me to him and screamed at the top of his lungs ” I told you to stay away from her!!!!”

I only have time to look around in shock when I find myself in a Phantom of the Opera like, under ground, mad scientist, Frankenstein laboratory. M is there in a long white lab coat. I take in my surroundings and notice that there are dead bodies everywhere in various stages of dissection. M looks around abashed, quickly explaining that he has permission to do this. I somehow think this is the basement of Bordeaux Hospital asylum for the insane. I am overwhelmed with the need to expose what is happening.

As I run into the hall there is all the proof I need. A gigantic book open on a lazy Susan type prop. It has wheels. On top of this is a large rock and on top of this looks to be a round plaster cast. It appears to have identifying numbers and letters scrawled across it in colored chalk. I open in up and see that it is a cast of a human brain.

I laboriously push my load into an elevator, down a long hall and out to the parking lot where I attempt to put the items in my car. Out in the parking lot many people and employees are milling around me. Men in sun glasses begin to approach me from all sides. I flip out, pull a gun and begin to shout telling them to back off and let me go or I will take them out with me. They then put their weapons down and hands up. Speaking quickly and conciliatoryly saying that they are there to help me. Then I wake up.

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