Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN




I dreamed A sat at my kitchen table, a roughly carved country table. She lit 2 white candles in silver pewter holders. She was reading her own fortune from an Egyptian oracle. It consisted of a small bag filled with tiny stone objects and another palm sized bag holding a set of cards.

She reached into the small bag filled with a Bast cat, an Ankh, a Snake and a few others I could not see. She pulled out a stone. As her fingers unfurled we both starred at the small pyramid in her palm while the candlelight flickered across her face. “Hmm, I said, “for expanding consciousness”

She then proceeded to draw her card from the deck, I was woken up so I do not know what it was. A shame. I also thought it odd that A would participate in such an activity. I did not think her interests lean in that direction.

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