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Down by the Sea

Down by the Sea

I have been saying for awhile all I needed was to put my toes in the sand and stand by the ocean. How true. Yesterday I took a day trip with a friend and S and we did just that.

If you know me well, you will already know that my “happy place” is the sea side. When I am stressed I close my eyes, take a deep breathe and wiggle my toes in the imaginary sand of a night beach still warm from the setting sun. The moon is rising over the horizon reflecting beautifully off the cresting white waves. And then I close my eyes and listen to the melodic rush of the ocean and the wind whipping around me. Pure bliss.

Yesterday was a lot like that. There was no moon and a little daylight. But November did a lot to dampen the effects of the heat and sun you usually find in Florida. As I stood on the shore, starring out at the waves feeling the rhythmic ebb and flow of the water, I found myself in awe of a force greater than myself. I imagined that I was looking out over the expanse of my Life, its ups and downs, seeing as far as I could but knowing there was a point where my vision failed me and I had to trust what was beyond. I could feel all of Nature conspiring to draw me toward that point. She was eager and excited to see me get there. She tugged and pulled at the sand beneath my feet, making the place where I stood still, uncomfortable. Making me move forward toward the unknown.

For this reason and many others I would love to live on or close to the ocean. I see Her and I say “Mama”.

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