Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN

Do Not Cling to Me

Do Not Cling to Me

I dreamed this morning that I was walking down a long and dusty road when a tall, dark, handsome, man came up from behind me on the left. He glowed and radiated Love and Compassion.

We greeted one another and chatted in a knowing way. There seemed to be a romantic history between us. We sat together discussing his feet which were bare. They looked in bad shape. I was trying to tend to them. He told me he was going away.

I was sad and began to cry. I told him that I was shocked by his leaving and said “I only ever wanted things to be good between us.”

We embraced and as we pulled away from each other I held Kent in my arms. I woke up crying and have been doing so periodically throughout the day.

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