Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN

It’s Just a Stage

It’s Just a Stage

I dream I am taking part in play. I have my script in hand. I look like a caricature of myself on a  sparse set. I sit at a card table reading tarot cards for other characters while reading my lines. I am at ease no stage fright. Comfortable.

When I am finished I go backstage and about my business at home. I guess someone comes and tells me that I am called for on stage soon. I was not prepared so I rush around throwing clothes out of my closet as I look for a suitable costume. I look for my cards but can not find them. So I cobble together a set from playing cards and coasters. I rush to the car where Mom and Dad drive me to the theater. On the way Dad stops at an ATM to make a deposit. I am sitting in the back seat like a child looking at the back of Mom’s and Dad’s heads as we drive. I am anxious to get there on time.

As I get out and we are walking in the building I turn and look at Mom, she looks like she did when she frosted/dyed her hair. It looks super curly and poofy. I tell her “I never remember you looking like this.” She is glowing with a halo behind her head. I then turn to see Yvonne. She is a tall caricature of artifice. She even flickers into an animation style depiction. I then say “That is just how you looked.”

I get there run in and I am scrambling for a script which I can’t seem to find. No one has a copy. I am kinda freaking out. Coach Cindy tells me I am on in 5. Leonard from Big Bang comes back stage. He is shaking and obviously had a hard time out there. I smile he sits beside me still shaking and I put my arm around his shoulder and hug him. I comfort him telling him he always does great no matter how he feels right now.

He is sitting on my right. I then frantically ask him for a copy of the script. He says “Don’t you know?” And a few few people from all around smile at me. “There is not one. You just go out there and it comes to you.” There was panic then comfort as I walk out on stage.

My dream ends with me on stage at my card table in a thrown together costume with my homemade cards smiling into the spotlight

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