Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN


Odd at Starbucks with S today working on school work. I fell into a relaxed state, almost dozing. The thought came to me that I had wrapped myself in many layers hoping to be seen/found for who I really am. A lot like S’s never ending game of hide and seek. Or like the fairy queen disguised as an old woman. I have always had an inner vision of myself that never quiet matched external reality.
I saw myself slipping off this false self like one shrugging out of a shawl…striding forward in a gleaming white light, beautiful and awe inspiring. The phrase “Coming Forth By Day” came to mind. I think this may be the mental image to employ in  my personal development work. It seems that the time for hiding is over and it is time to reveal myself for who I really am.

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