Musings of a Hypnotherapist-Nashville TN



Since I have told a few stories about the unusual occurrences in my home, I thought maybe I should branch out to the work place.

For two or three years I worked at a little New Age shop in Nashville called Magical Journey. They specialized in crystals, incense, books etc. If you needed a massage, an energy healing, an aura photo or a psychic reading of any variety, you could find it there. At the time I was there, it was the longest operating store of its kind in Nashville.

The building that housed the store is on Louise Ave. next to Cafe Coco. According to the landlord several businesses had called it home: funeral home, cat house, business offices. So there is really no telling what all has taken place within it’s walls.

It was a day like any other, I am sure that I helped someone find a crystal to enhance their creative energy before a big gig, or chatted pleasantly with our regular customer about how as a devotee of the Egyptian god Anubis, his studies at mortuary school were very fulfilling.

I took a small break and went into the bathroom to wash my hands. I reached across my body to put the soap in my left hand as I depressed the dispenser with my right. I then turned, left hand under the faucet, right hand hovering just above the cold water spigot when it slowly turned a quarter turn releasing the water. “Um OK? Thank you I guess?”

I finished washing my hands and went back to work. I told one of my coworkers about what had happened and he spent the rest of the day fittling with the sink trying to reproduce the incident to no avail. Just one of many such occurrences.

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