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The Haunted Crèche

The Haunted Crèche

When I was looking for my Christmas crèche I searched for just the right one. I finally found it. It was the Willow Tree set. What I liked so much was that although made of resin, it has the look of carved wood.

From the first season that I put it out a very strange thing began to happen. The Joseph figure moved! When I set up the crèche Joseph lovingly looked down on Mother Mary as she cradled Baby Jesus. But as time went on, I noticed that after a few days he had turned a ¼ turn away from her. I turned him back not thinking much of it.

When a few days later he had moved again my eyebrow raised just a little. The third time I admit I started making accusations. Sylvia was too short to even reach the top of the entertainment center and Kent crossed his heart and hoped to die if he had laid a finger on Joseph. I jumped around …rocked from side to side…shook the entertainment center, everything to try to get the figure to move. Nothing. One year I didn’t even put my crèche out because It freaked me out a little too much.

The last year I put it out I decided not to touch Joseph at all and see what happened. Joseph made an almost 360 degree turn before he stopped moving.

What does it mean? No idea. But I don’t think I have ever heard a tale of a haunted Nativity Scene.

Joseph has not moved since.

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