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Mysterious Bowing Man

Mysterious Bowing Man

This little story has it’s roots at the Tennessee Renaissance Festival.

For those of you that don’t know, the one thing I collect is statuary, in a very Jungian/ Campbell way. I have statues from all the pantheons of the world… Egyptian, Ancient Greek, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, Christian etc. And it must be admitted that I have a fondness , some would say weakness for the Feminine Divine.

My collection had reached a point where there were not enough surfaces to display all. So I made it a point to look for pieces that would hang on the walls. Hey, when you love something you have to think out of the box sometimes.

Back to the Fair… So when I approached the rolling cart kiosk to look at the woman’s jewelry, it is no surprise that what I fixated upon was what decorated her cart. On either end were sconces, silver in color and shaped like a woman’s head. From around Her head spilled grapes and greenery, pomegranates and flowers. But what really caught my eye was the crescent moon on Her brow. And this was several years before I got the tattoo that echoed Her’s.
I had to have them!
“Are they for sell?”
“Where did you get them?”
“How long ago?”

She had gotten them at T J Max of all places. If you had ever shopped there you know it is hit and miss. Plus it had been quite sometime and my hopes were dashed.

Before any one says “ you could have looked for them on line.” it was a little before I had stepped into the 20th century and this did not occur to me. I could not get her out of my head and I continued to think about these sconces. Months and months went by. Until honestly I had forgotten about them.

Kent and I had gone to Franklin to pick up Sylvia from a weekend of grandmother/granddaughter funtastic free for all. We were a little early so we decided to duck into the antique mall.

I am going up and down the isles of glass cases not really looking for anything in particular, but enjoying the process none the less, when I see Her, not one but two!!!! She is antiqued bronze not silver but I don’t care. I start to bounce on the balls of my feet like an impatient child,
”OH MY GOD!!!!, OH MY GOD!!!! , OH MY GOD!!!! .
Kent slowly turns to look at me in that quizzical way he has and asks
“ What ‘s wrong?”
“Hurry go get someone to open this case I found Her!” I said. “You go get someone I’m looking at something.” …
“I can’t leave She may disappear. Please?”.
“How much are they?”
“It doesn‘t matter I am getting them. I may never see Her again.” “O.K.” I stand there looking into the case only $20 for the pair. the price is right!!!

Now this is when the “twist” comes in. A young, thin, hippsterish man comes with a key to open the case. I am pretty sure from over heard conversation that he is the grandson of the owners. I step aside and wait a few cases down for him to take out the sconces. Out of the corner of my eye I see him bow slowly and deeply from the waist three times before putting the key in the lock. He then takes out the sconces hands them to me and relocks the case with no explanation.

What the heck!

My friends have scolded me. Telling me I should have asked him what he was doing but it seemed sacred and private. And it also lends a tinge of mystery to a couple of objects that I proudly display in my home. I love mysteries

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