S and the Flying Duck

Sometime in 1995 S went to an air show with his dad. I was just beginning to explore my intuitive abilities and wanted to replicate it with predictability. So I thought an experiment was in order.

I told S that I would send him a message while he was gone. When he came home we would see if he got it.

I tried to think of something so unusual that it could not be considered a coincidence. So I thought of a flying duck. Every night as I was falling asleep I pictured S with a huge duck flying over his head. Would it work?

When S came home of coarse I wanted to hear all about his trip, but what I was most interested in was…did he get the message? . He insisted that he did not get the message. I was disappointed. I thought that he would get a “PSYCHIC” message or have a dream. Then S said “You know something really strange happened on the way home. A duck flew beside our car for several miles.

Lesson learned, not everyone’s messages come in the same way.

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