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Encounter on Tiger Hill

Encounter on Tiger Hill

I am posting this to partially disprove an associate of mine. I have worked 3rd shift for a while and in the wee hours of the morning many subjects of conversation arise. People swap stories.

Once, I shared a story of my own, only to finish with a sea of dropped jaws as my only applause. When asked “What?, those sorts of things happen to everyone”, My associate replies “No, Charity those sorts of things only happen to you.”

I don’t think this is true. Strange, mysterious, magical and unexplainable things are a part of everyday life. I don’t pretend to know the explanations for such events, only that they happen. This is an invitation for your comments and stories of your own….I’ll go first.

When I lived in Bellaire Apts. (1995 approx) I took the guys (S&G) to Tiger Hill. An infamous make out point for High School love birds. But we were bored college students looking for something exciting to do in the middle of the night.

Tiger Hill presented an impressive 45 degree angle to climb. Depending on your car, you would have to shift down to make it to the top. At the summit stood a fire tower. We scaled the tower as high as we could go, until we were just under the lookout nest. Feeling the tower sway in the breeze and the breath taking view of the city lights were all worth it.

A few nights later the guys went on their own expedition. As they left my apartment, I closed the door wishing them well on their Guys Night Out. I brushed my teeth, went directly to bed and fell asleep.

It seemed that almost instantly I was flying, arms outstretched over Murfreesboro with the lights twinkling below me. I slowly descended lightly landing on the fire tower. I could feel the tower swaying slowly with the wind of a coming storm. I closed my eyes and felt the first drops of rain on my face. Smelling the fresh scent on the breeze was intoxicating. The energy in the air electrifying!

My attention was then drawn to the ground. There I saw a parked car. Standing far below, with lit cigarettes all around were S, G and B. The orange embers of their cigarettes illuminating their faces in the darkness. Suddenly I felt an ominous feeling. My eyes were drawn upward to see a dark figure standing several flights above me. Below the guys see the figure and are visibly shaken. “What the $%^&*! is that! Let’s get out of here man!” said B . The dark figure descended. I felt a sudden tightening in my chest. I feared for the safety of my friends. The figure seemed to land and bound off into the woods. They stood astonished and speechless.

The guys had less than a minute to pass when a police car pulled up blue lights flashing startlingly in the darkness. “ What are you gentlemen doing up here at this time of night?“ said the officer. “We were just looking around Sir” said G “ I need to see your I.D.s” said the officer. He walked back to his patrol car and called them in. He redistributed the I.D.s and said “ Now you gentlemen need to go on home and don’t let me catch you up here again.” “Yes Sir… Yes Sir… Yes Sir.”

The next morning I went into work and at my first opportunity I called S’s house to check in on him and the guys. The dream was all I could think about. B answered the phone. S was at work. I proceeded to tell him about my experiences of the night before. I was only able to get a few sentences out. B started to raise his voice “Your freakin’ me out man… your freakin’ me out!” “Calm down” I said. “We can talk every thing over tonight.”

When everything was said and done my dream was a direct experience of what happened with the guys. The only difference was that when they got there and noticed the figure at the top of the tower, they thought that there was a lookout in the tower and they would be caught trespassing. The figure looked to be a six foot tall man. When the figure leaped from the tower onto a storage shed below that was their first clue that something was a miss.

I have to admit that I hardly believe this happened. If I had not been there, I would have called me crazy. Sometimes, I even wonder if the guys were pulling my leg.

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